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Wisdom Gate Scan Mobile Phone QR Code Can Take Subway
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-07-19 | Views:374

According to the Zhengzhou rail operating branch news, Zhengzhou subway wisdom gates are undergoing technical testing, is expected in the second half of this year to achieve “brush mobile phone” entry and exit station functions.

According to reports, Zhengzhou subway wisdom gates set up two-dimensional code scanner, combined with the subway ticketing system for passengers to provide mobile phone scanning payment inbound and outbound services. Passengers with the mobile phone on the “subway code”, brush twice complete the entry and exit station.

Wisdom Gate Scan Mobile Phone QR Code Can Take Subway

Compared to the traditional ticket, through gates by scanning mobile phone payment applications, easy to operate, no cash purchase, not only to solve the subway card to forget, lost, queuing up, but also to the public in Guangzhou subway travel ticket selection on the more diversified. At present, the application is undergoing technical testing, is expected to be achieved in the second half of this year.

As the subway mobile phone payment brand program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched the subway gates to scan two-dimensional code entry and exit station applications, through the embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner module to expand the gate machine scan code checking tickets function, while the gate ticketing system, mobile phone ticketing System, to achieve intelligent gates self-service check ticket, deduction, and other functions at the same time, intelligent scheduling accumulation of passenger data, to help subway operators efficient operation.

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