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Automobile Expo Access Control System Upgrade Scan QR Code Can be Admitted
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2017 The 14th China (Changchun) International Automobile Fair will be held from July 14 to 23, 2017 at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. Recently, Editor learned from the Automobile Fair Organizing Committee, in order to further enhance the audience experience, Expo Organizing Committee on the access control system for a comprehensive renovation, to create a new fast “Internet + scan code check ticket” mode.

Automobile Expo Access Control System Upgrade Scan QR Code Can be Admitted

The access control ticket system is the audience into the exhibition of the first Gate, Changchun Automobile Expo Organizing Committee in order to better serve the majority of exhibitors and visitors, Especially procurement of fifty wisdom gates from Shenzhen, combined with the two-dimensional code electronic ticketing system, expand the scan code check ticket function. Compared with the traditional gate machine, the intelligent ticket gate gauges are embedded in two-dimensional code scanning module, which combines the two-dimensional code scanning and data transmission performance, can accurately identify the authenticity of the ticket, use the status and real-time input ticket data, so as to provide new audience Exhibiting experience.

In terms of exhibitors, scan code check ticket operation is convenient, to minimize the cumbersome approach. when checking the Ticket only need to put the paper two-dimensional code on the gate machine scanner window to scan, about less than 3 seconds will be allowed to pass. In addition, the phone booking the audience can be directly in the gate gantry scan to read the phone on the purchase of two-dimensional code, verify the success can be directly into the museum to visit.

Automobile Expo Access Control System Upgrade Scan QR Code Can be Admitted

“The introduction of the latest smart gates access control system, not only for exhibitors and visitors to provide a perfect caring service, will also attract more viewers to participate in the scene to watch the car industry feast.” Changchun Automobile Fair Organizing Committee People said.

As a bar code automatic identification technology professional expert, Shenzhen rakinda supply two-dimensional code reader, embedded two-dimensional code scanning module products for the wisdom gates of the exhibition to build Internet + e-ticketing system, self-service scan code check ticket channel to provide the most suitable end products and application solution. If you are interested in such, may wish to inquire!

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