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Barcode Scanner Module LV4500 in Metro Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-07-06 | Views:407

At present, some subway stations in Shenzhen has 22 self-service card filling machine which can support by Alipay payment.no longer ready to cash. It is understood that support for Alipay payment card machine will continue to spread in Shenzhen.

For passengers, in the subway station recharge the traffic cards, passengers only open the barcode scanner on their mobile and to be scanner on the self – service machine, the machine with the module, it can scanner directly.

Barcode Scanner Module LV4500 in Metro Payment

4500 series 2D Scanner module is specialized in the bus, metro, turnstile payment, public transportation payment terminals. the interface is RS232/USB, white LED, the advantage is: fast reading speed, excellent reading for mobile phone screen RQ codes / Printed 1D/2D long -length barcodes, it is very convenient on the metro payment.

Mobile payment in the next year or two will quickly sweep the offline consumer market, and ultimately become like cash, credit card as a universal payment method.

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