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Mobile Phone Scan Payment High-speed Tolls Nationwide Beta
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-27 | Views:359

Toll station mobile phone payment two-dimensional code scanning module.

Recently, the Guangxi highway toll “mobile payment” project in the Shajing toll station for the public to open the test, the public can directly scan the phone Alipay payment code to charges.

According to reports, the Shajing toll station for the mobile payment project operation, in the toll window additional two-dimensional code scanning terminal, the use of cloud computing, large data, two-dimensional code payment and other technical means for the staff to provide a more convenient and efficient payment the way. The driver over the toll station, only make mobile phone Alipay payment code placed in the scan terminal scan window scanning, you can complete the payment.

Mobile Phone Scan Payment High-speed Tolls Nationwide Beta

High-speed toll station mobile payment applications, easy operation, no cash, exchange money, not only improve the efficiency of the passage, to solve the cash shortage of the owners, ETC balance and other troubles; also reduce the toll collectors risk of receiving counterfeit money.

It is worth mentioning that the current market common high-speed toll station mobile payment scanning terminal more use of Shenzhen RAKINDA (rakinda.com) 4500 series barcode scanner module. It is reported that the product for the toll station mobile phone to pay the specificity of the long-range scanning environment, the phone screen code to read the technical adjustment, can easily achieve 1-meter range scan accurate identification. If you are interested in such, may wish to inquire!

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