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Tangjin Expressway Start Scan Barcode Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-05 | Views:451

Tangjin Expressway scan barcode payment officially put into use! May 6, Tang Jin high-speed in Fengnan West, Tangshan South, Tangshan East, and other five toll stations 24 charge windows unified installation of two-dimensional code scanning equipment, the owner of mobile phone scanning payment toll is unimpeded.

At present, in the Tangjin high-speed Tang Hong Kong toll station, two-way six toll station are eye-catching mobile phone payment pay attention to the map and intelligent scanning equipment. According to the staff, this type of intelligent scanning equipment embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner module, with bar code scanning, data transmission performance, combined with toll station payment system, to achieve scanning payment function.

Tangjin Expressway Start Scan Barcode Payment

Choose to scan the payment’s owner, just open the phone on the Alipay, select the “Payment” function, aiming at the smart scan terminal scan payment two-dimensional code, you can complete the toll payment. The use of mobile payment to save the driver to exchange the money and staff inventory money, check money, reducing the vehicle waiting time, improve the efficiency of the passage.

High-speed toll station mobile phone scan payment project promotion is Donjin high-speed embrace “Internet +”, and actively build “smart traffic” new initiatives. At present, in addition to Tangjin high-speed, Hebei Province, Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway has also been to achieve Alipay, WeChat scan payment.

As a scan code payment the brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda of the special launch of high-speed toll station intelligent scanning terminal dedicated 4500I two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with bar code scanning and mobile Internet technology for the “wisdom of traffic” to provide technical support.

4500i barcode scanner module

In view of the high-speed toll station mobile phone WeChat Bao Bao scan payment to pay the best distance is 25cm-100cm (field test), Shenzhen rakinda of the special 4500I two-dimensional code scanning module for technical upgrades, optimize the scanning distance, angle and fill light effect, It easily recognizes the different contrast, color, and reflection of the phone screen code or paper code. If you are interested in such applications, please visit our test experience!

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