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Take The Subway New Skills, Scan Code Get Tickets
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-16 | Views:420

Daily go to work crowded subway, finally squeezed into the station to scan the card, the system can be ruthless show the lack of money,Squeezed into the service window recharge, looking at the long recharge team would like to cry; Looking for self-service ticket machine, the results did not money; Looking for good people to Alipay for cash change … … others think I was “liar”?

Take The Subway New Skills, Scan Code Get Tickets

Alipay “change money and buy tickets” trouble, that “direct purchase” it? Since 2017, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and other urban subway have opened mobile phone Alipay “subway ticket” function. Passengers only need to open Alipay – city service – subway tickets, choice start station and the end station, online payment can get two-dimensional code ticket certificate.

When getting the ticket, the passengers can use the two-dimensional code of Alipay purchase tickets on the self-service ticket machine to scan tickets. Self-service ticket machine embedded bar code scanning module, combined with the subway station ticketing system, to provide passengers with self-service scan code ticket service.Mobile phone ticket passengers, just in the self-service ticket machine scanning window scan the two-dimensional ticket certificate, you can take votes.

mobile phone payment treasure, WeChat APP bus, subway “scan payment” function,

It should be noted that it is difference with the city subway ticketing related equipment, and thus in the get tickets, check tickets and other operations are also different. Such as the Guangzhou subway intelligent ticket gate, the addition of two-dimensional code scanning function, passengers can directly scan the phone check ticket through the gate.

As a two-dimensional code payment providers, Shenzhen rakinda with a software provider launched a smart bus/subway mobile payment application program, with the help of mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data, Internet of things and other new information and communication technology, bar code scanning module into the bus Pay the terminal or subway payment gates, while the portable smartphone into a smooth bus card, to achieve mobile phone payment treasure, WeChat APP bus, subway “scan payment” function, which helps public transport efficient operation.

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