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2D Barcode Reader + Self-Service System – Self-Service Reading and Printing Equipment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-10 | Views:378

Recently, in Shenzhen exhibition, there has a self-service equipment that provides the Internet and self-service system, for exhibitors to provide fast service for self-extraction license ticket.

This year’s exhibition to introduce self-service check-in system for Kiosk, exhibitors through the mobile phone APP application click on the “site permit”, and then fill in the relevant personal information, so that your phone can generate exhibitors’ two-dimensional code.(Usually Generate QR Code) “According to the person in charge of the exhibition, it should be noted that the 2d barcode reader module is embedded in self-service ticket machine.At the same time, the 2d barcode reader combined with printing ticket function in the exhibition ticketing system.Exhibitors only need to place their phone above in the self-service ticket machine scanning window, verify the success can be verified your information and printed.The entire audit process only a few seconds enhances the efficiency of accreditation.

RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner/Reader Module
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2.RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner/Reader Module-Can be embedded into Self-service equipment directly.
RD4500R 2d barcode reader module has a interface is USB or RS232, it read bar code accuracy can reach 10mil. At the same time, small streamlined design, in addition to the perfect embedded in the various types of self-service machines to use, it also can be directly placed in the external to use, very nice.

RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner/Reader Module

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