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Scanner Module Scan Code To Purchase Ticket – Shenzhen Subway Alipay To Pay
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-08 | Views:420

Take the subway can scan Alipay! There are media reports, since 2016, the Shenzhen subway station has been added self-service ticket machines, passengers can through the phone Alipay to get tickets, in the self-services machine on the scan code.

Editor from the Shenzhen Metro, Shenzhen World Window Station, Convention and Exhibition Center Station, International Trade, Grand Theater (Line 1), Gangxia, shopping park, bamboo forest, overseas Chinese East, OCT, White Island, deep, Daxin station And other 12 sites to add automatic ticket machines. Passengers can through the phone Alipay to get “subway ticket”, choose their own need to complete the trip, through online payment, the passengers can scan two-dimensional code to get one-way ticket on the self-services ticket machine terminal. It should be noted that the self-service ticket machine embedded in the two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with barcode automatic identification technology and mobile data transmission technology to achieve passenger self-scanning code, not only saves the queue time but also eliminates the trouble of changing transfer passengers.

self-service ticket machine embedded in the two-dimensional code scanning module

At present, the Shenzhen Subway Line 1 and 2 automatic ticket vending machines are used to purchase cash to exchange money the model, only to receive 5 yuan, 10 yuan notes, and the use of coins payment back, the annual coins is about 14 million yuan. According to each one dollar coin weighing about 6.3 grams, a conservative estimate of the annual needs of all subway stations in Shenzhen subway about 88 tons. With the increase in the future of the new subway line, the station workload and pressure on the exchange money more and more difficult to ease.

In view of the development trend of mobile Internet and subway station ticket upgrade needs, mobile phone tickets, scan code ticket “cashless” payment mode of the convenience effect will be further enlarged, the future of the Shenzhen subway or the main site in the additional self-services ticket machine, Self-check ticket gates and other applications to facilitate passenger travel.

Shenzhen RAKINDA professional self-service terminal dedicated embedded two-dimensional code scanning module and application solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus.

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