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Express Cabinets’ 2D Bar code Scanner Modules, Scanning Barcode To Pick Up Goods Self- services
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-03 | Views:351

In Shenzhen Longhua, a district entrance, the residents re standing in front of a row of iron cabinets, putting the pickup code on the top of the scanning window, the door is bounced immediately, and a piece of parcels are received out.

This courier cabinet is similar to the supermarket storage cabinet, embedded into 2D barcode scanner module, the recipient can collect the goods only by scanning phone 2D code, which is very convenient. Courier will package into the cabinet, the recipient can receive a pickup notification message, including pickup 2D barcode information. Recipients just scan 2D code on the top of the scanning window of the smart express cabinet, and you can open the box to pick up when taking the package.

courier cabinet embedded into 2D barcode scanner module

In order to enhance the level of service delivery at the end, there are large quantity of schools, residential buildings, office buildings to have been used express cabinets in Shenzhen. Even if the courier and the recipient can not communicate face to face, the two sides can also use the transfer station to achieve the mail transfer. As far as recipient concerned, the pickup time is more flexible, do not need to worry about door-to-door on the privacy, personal safety caused by the hidden trouble. In terms of courier, it can avoid the risk of missing collection and restrictions courier access problems in part of the offices and districts to solve difficult problems of the delivery from the end.

It is worth mentioning that many express counters are used 4500 series 2D code reader module, from Shenzhen Rakinda in the current market. The product took up with CMOS image recognition technology, reading the phone screen 1D and 2D barcode with perfect performance. It’s easy to read the barcode when in the phone power shortage, mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., which not only enhances the user experience but also speeds up the flow of users. It is the 2D code scan engine selection that express cabinets manufacturers assured in the domestic and international.

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