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Turnstile Bar Code Scanning
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-02 | Views:550

With the coming of small holiday of International Labor Day, it is a good choice to have a travel, enjoying the beauty of the nature or looking the greatness of the Ancient architecture, while the worst thing happen, there are the mountain people and the see people before the checking window; while the exciting news that, there are electrical-tickets system in many famous places; with the smart turnstile checking-ticket system, it offers the easy service of buying tickets and checking tickets.

In Yingziyan Scenic area, they apply this smart system. Passengers are able to book the ticket through O2O service selling-tickets platform. No wasting time, no queuing; it is so cool. What is more, the workers in this scenic area code every tickets in different codes, and cooperate with the smart turnstile bar code checking; they get the good praise from pubic, and this experience is so amazing.

Turnstile Bar Code Scanning

Tourists get the paper ticket who book the tickets through Phone, and then make the barcode be scanned before the turnstile; it will be okay; it is more convenient. And this way is similar to buy tickets in theater. Noted that even the turnstile systems are able to read Phone Bar code to check ticket in some famous place; you do not need to take tickets.

What is the important, the bar code scanner module embedded in smart turnstile checking system have more functions, not only checking the tickets, but also with ticket managing system to control the amount of people; if at some time in some place, the place cannot bear the amount of people, the workers are able to take the control to confirm the safety.

LV4500 series bar code scanner module

As 17-year supplier of bar code scanner module, Rakinda specially produce Turnstile-Checking Bar Code Scanner–LV4500 series bar code scanner module.
Please check the features of LV4500 series bar code scanner module: Readable most 1D barcode and 2D barcode such as QR code, PDF417 code, Data Matrix, and also with high performance for reading codes from phone screen and outstanding especially for reading 1D/2D bar codes from mobile phone screen, laptop screen, tablet computer screen like Ipad screen.

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