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Self-cleaning Car “Artifact” – Phone Two-dimensional Code Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-28 | Views:405

Self-cleaning car, scan code to pay, it is too convenient! Recently, a car wash “artifact” in the urban area quietly “landing”, take the gun, water spray, playing foam, flushing … … 24h self-service car wash service, not only need not go outside will be able to personally “take a bath” for the car, but also can scan mobile phone payment!

Self-cleaning car machine looks like a vending machine, the fuselage with a multimedia display screen, functional operation keys and payment window, as well as self-cleaning process and operation tips. In addition, self-service car washing machine with two-dimensional code scanning module, the use of mobile Internet technology, sweep payment (Alipay, WeChat, etc.), credit card payment and cash payment and other payment in one set to meet the diversified payment needs. When owners wash the car, just use the phone Alipay or WeChat 2d code to pay, put it on payment window, payment success you can use of equipment.

Self-service car washing machine

“Community since the introduction of the self-cleaning machine, every day there are ten owners come to wash their car.” According to the district manager, after owners payment success, picked up the gun, according to the prompts, they can choice switch “water key”, “bubble”, “vacuum”, “disinfection” to wash the car. It should be noted that self-service opportunities to control the length of the car wash, overtime car wash will be prompted to increase the cost.

Self-service car washing machine application to subvert the traditional car wash mode and service model, to create a “washing car machine + multimedia advertising + car after-sales service the market service” precedent. As a barcode automatic identification technology experts, Shenzhen Rakinda pushing 4500 series scanning module, help self-cleaning machine manufacturers, program providers innovation, and change, so as to promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry development.

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