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High-speed Toll Station – Mobile Phone Quick Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-26 | Views:330

In the Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway on a toll station, waiting for the exit of the drivers, see the display prompts after the payment amount, use the phone payment treasure payment code, in the toll window scan terminal brush to complete the payment, the front of the railing is automatically lifted release.

It is reported that such a scanning terminal embedded two-dimensional code payment scanning module, combined with the high-speed toll station payment system, integrated Alipay, WeChat and other popular mobile two-dimensional code payment. Compared with the traditional cash payment, mobile phone two-dimensional code to pay, simplify the operation process without pay money and exchange money, just a few seconds to complete the payment, greatly easing the peak hours of the highway through the toll station pressure.


In addition to the toll station mobile payment fast “customs clearance”, along the highway service area outlets have been laying mobile phone sweep payment terminal applications, for the driver and passengers shopping, dining, refueling, accommodation, etc. to provide mobile payment, UnionPay cards Payment, cash payment and other “full payment” service.

As a public transport traffic two-dimensional code to pay the scanning hardware brand suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched a special 4500 series of embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module to help the bus terminal manufacturers to innovate to promote industrial upgrading, and thus promote the wisdom of traffic ” Big artery “unimpeded.

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