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2D Code Electronic Ticketing System To Help Promote The Construction Of The Wisdom Scenic Spots
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-24 | Views:327

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the development and management of tourist attractions operations, Shenzhen area to actively deploy the “Scenic Area Electronic Ticket System Based on Two – dimensional Code Technology” to build intelligent scenic line online ticketing management integration platform to achieve scenic spot ticket, Statistics, inquiries and other comprehensive management.

The scenic area two-dimensional code electronic ticketing system application is the wisdom of the construction area of the important entry point. According to reports, the system will run, will be combined with O2O service platform to expand mobile phone ticketing distribution channels visitors can book tickets through the phone, visitors through the mobile APP distribution platform to book electronic tickets and online payment tickets, the system will automatically two-dimensional code Electronic tickets sent to the tourists on the phone, visitors with electronic ticket two-dimensional code in the scenic channel gate machine sweep code ticket into the area.

two-dimensional code Electronic tickets

It should be noted that the scenic e-ticket gates embedded two-dimensional code reader, the integration of two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet technology to expand the sweep code check function. Relative to the traditional manual ticket, check the ticket, intelligent channel gate machine comes with “sweep code ticket” application not only enhance the consumer experience but also ease the pressure of the peak season sales ticket and check the ticket.

The use of electronic tickets greatly facilitated the visitors can stay at home be reserved for scenic spots tickets, enjoy discounts, eliminating the queuing in the scenic area waiting for the pain. At the same time, the tourist attractions to achieve a paperless green operation, not only reduces the cost but also reduces the consumption of resources.

Construction Of The Wisdom Scenic Spots

Shenzhen Rakinda of the professional supply of intelligent scenic spot inspection terminal dedicated embedded two-dimensional code reader helps scenic spots to build electronic ticketing green fast ticket channel while promoting the scenic ticket digital management.

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