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Self-help Lottery Machine Application Barcode Scanner 2D Code
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-18 | Views:374

In recent years, with the Chinese lottery industry to enter the rapid expansion of the market and accelerate the rise of the stage, self-help lottery machine that popular foreign of Sell lottery pattern mode has entered the people’s vision. And cross-border integration of the attitude into the shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airports, railway stations, etc., to achieve the sale of people tickets and Lottery self-help ticket dual function.

According to reports, self-service lottery machine embedded bar code scanner, combined with self-service lottery software for the general public to provide a new type of lottery purchase channels, from the purchase, payment to winning one-stop service. Lottery through the self-help lottery machine to choose votes, just WeChat payment to vote; Claim the prize, click on the screen Claim the prize button, in the Claim the prize sweep lottery tickets can enter the Claim the prize page.

self-help lottery machine

Compared with the traditional lottery purchase mode, self-help lottery machine terminal using advanced artificial intelligence interactive technology, through the bar code scanner and two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet technology combined for the general public to provide one-stop shopping service, So that the many of friends to experience the different lottery fun.

With the rapid development of the mind and sweep of smartphones, barcode scanning head in the self-help lottery machine in the application value gradually highlighted, you can break through the traditional Claim the prize limitations, to fill the regional layout of the blind spot, to achieve self-help site and the store complement each other The further development of the lottery market has brought great thrust.

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