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Scan phone barcode to pay for the orders on Self-services machines in KFC
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-14 | Views:412

We can pay for the orders by scanning Wechat or Alipay barcode on mobile phone on KFC self-services machines. Recently, a branch of KFC introduces self-service machines, in addition to the traditional counter through the traditional table, customers can also pay for the order by scanning the barcode in Shenzhen.

According to reports, KFC self-service machines have the barcode scanner module additional, self-service customers can scan the barcode directly on the mobile phone. Consumers only need to follow the touch screen tips when using, choose food – dining style (church food or band) — confirm orders — choose to pay (by WeChat or Alipay) – to confirm payment, then you can complete the meal.

KFC self-service machines

Self-service meal mode, instead of the traditional manual meal mode, the consumer self-operated meal and pay the checkout to get the meal certificate, no longer to the counter line ordering meal checkout. What’s more, self-service ordering machine is combined with self-service ordering payment system to expand the scanning mobile payment function to meet consumer demands for diversification, enhancing the consumer experience extremely through the 2D barcode scanning head fusion barcode scanning, mobile data transmission technology.

Self-service ordering machine sets ordering, cashier, marketing as one, mobile phone payment, intelligent control, more restaurant procurement and supply chains, which provides a cloud solution, top sales of food McDonald’s the first try, we can look at the existence of a self-service meal mode– the certain business logic and value.

Self-service ordering machine

As a scanning mobile payment hardware supplier, Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. has supplied a series of mobile payment of barcode scanner module products, helping self-service terminal manufacturers innovate to promote industrial upgrading. If you are interested in bar code scanning products that are embedded into self-service machines, welcome to inquire us!

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