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With the development of Alipay and Wechat, making payment through Barcode is used commonly in retailer industry, food industry; and it becomes the habit of consumers to make payment by Barcode.

Now Bar Code would like to make friends with Bus. Of course, the bus is the important part during the city transport, and it is the main way to go out for people.
Please check the advantages if the Barcode cooperates with Bus because it solves many difficulties as follows:

1.The difficulty of knowing the name of passengers, and also it is difficult to buy, to report the loss, and other operation’s question; and it also cannot meet the request of thousands of passengers;
2.The difficulty of the pressure from small change; it is difficult for passenger to prepare the change; it is also very terrible to workers to deal with the mountain changes;
3.The difficulty of buying and charging fee; there are so many people all around the subway, it is not easy to buy and charge fee; people have to wait for a long time; it is bad;

It will be very convenient to make payment through phone; everyone has his phone;
Please image that each one opens his phone and make ticket fee directly like paying the bill in the supermarket. It is amazing. No queue, no changes, only Phone Bar Code.

Rakinda Multi-functional POS will make the dream come true.

4500 Barcode Scanner Module

The features of this POS machine is as follows:
1.It is able to read RFID card;
2.With the Phone Bar Code Scanner reading LCD code fast even in the dark;
3.With the display to check how much fee is paid;
4.With a wide of voltage, because the voltage is unstable during driving, which keeps the machine working well;
5.It is able to work on 4G and WIFI.
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