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Bank Self-help Machine 2D Scanner Brush Alipay Exchange Change – No Need To Take Queuing
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-12 | Views:340

Bank self-help machine upgrade, and brush Alipay WeChat exchange charge! Recently, Shenzhen RAKINDA for the bank self-service terminal manufacturers to develop a set of sweep code to pay for self-service pocket money terminal application program to promote the market.

According to reports, the program to the traditional self-service terminal for the prototype, combined with the currency exchange system, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanner integration of two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet technology, expand Alipay WeChat scanning payment and exchange function module. In the bank business hours, customers through the self-help machine brush to pay treasure / WeChat will be able to exchange change, no need to take the queue, the whole process convenient and quick.

self-help small change terminal

As we all know, the bank small change covers an area of large, and no profits, coupled with the cost of keeping money is large, so some banks do not want to provide small change services. And as a service window industry, there is such a situation is not good. In view of the above factors, the bank added self-service pocket money terminal, for customers to expand the convenience of small change passes at the same time, the maximum ease of bank circulation of the problem.

In addition, the mobile Internet era, with Alipay, WeChat popularity, mobile payment gradually change the people’s payment habits. Bank self-help small change terminal by embedded two-dimensional code scanner integration Alipay, WeChat and other electronic payment, is undoubted to meet customer payment habits, enhance customer experience one of the effective ways.

As an automatic identification technology experts, Shenzhen RAKINDA professional self-service terminal to provide embedded bar code scanning head and solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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