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QR Code Payment Becomes Popular Metro Turnstile
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-11 | Views:357

Recently, with the starting of the program of Qr Code Payment in Metro, the Time of Internet + Easy Smart Going out is coming.
People pay more attention to the“Taking subway through QR Code on Phone” because of widespread using of the smartphone. With the Metro Ticket System, there are many upgraded turnstiles with 2D Barcode Scanner Module. It is convenient to scan Phone Bar Code to achieve the payment in Subway.

As a matter of fact, there already are some famous cases in the bus through scanning phone bar code to make payment. And the payment software is App developed by Bus company, Alipay, WeChat or Bank. As for the hardware design, it adds the barcode scanner module into the KIOSK.

Maybe someone will be confused about the QR Metro Payment System. How does it working? It needs hardware and software. Of course, the hardware is 2D LCD barcode scanner module, and it must read Phone barcode fast and the software is the operators with an array of reporting tools, making use of computerized transaction records for extensive data review and analysis to check the QR code is available or not.

LV4500 2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Module
Rakinda, as the 17-year supplier of Bar Code Scanner, manufactured LV4500 series embedded Barcode Scanner Module to help “Taking subway through QR Code on Phone” to become blooming.

LV4500R is 2D Phone Bar Code Scanner Module; it is the perfect partner of Payment Kiosk; it is able to scan the 2D barcode fast even in the dark because it is with 4 soft white light.

fast integration into access gates

Our readers are designed for simple and fast integration into access gates, turnstiles and ticket kiosks. They deliver excellent barcode reading performance for a mix of technologies including smartphones, tablets.

Low maintenance and hard wearing durability ensure that they will withstand years of frontline public use.

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