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Rakinda Technology holds the idea of excellent quality, cutting-edge technique, advanced design, to provide you with best user experience.

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  • QR Code Scanner For Acces

    Our company has been dealing with an Entrance Control project for SportsCenter will be demonstrating the use of QR code scanner RD4500I from Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd

  • Self-service Water Vendin

    I’m Luca, from Italy, bought RD4500R fixed mount barcode scanner with RS232 interface from Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Development Co., Ltd. And I need the scanner be embedded in

  • LV12 1D Barcode Scanner f

    We have LV12 1D barcode scanner with Keyboard interface for our turnstile; but when we built the scanner into our machine, we found that the converter of turning PS/2 into Weigand,

  • RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Sc

    We are a parking system integrator in Mexico. We are using Rakinda RD4500R in our outdoor parking machine to achieve mobile payment and access by scanning mobile phone screen QR co






RoHS Cert. for 2D Scanner

FCC Cert. for 2D Scanner

CE Cert. for 2D Scanner

RoHS Certificate

FCC Certificate

CE Certificate


Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to the development of bar code technology as the core of automatic identification systems integration organization enjoys 15 years of industry experience and ...

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